Student Feedback

Student Feedback

Taken from various classes Brad has taught over the years, these are just a few examples of student’s perspectives on Brad’s teaching:

This class was life changing!

Brad made this class very interesting and helpful in a realistic way. He has a unique way of helping us to use the material in everyday life and help us to really think about the subject. He is really an awesome instructor and person. I will always take a class of his if needed. I highly recommend this instructor.

I felt Brad showed up with humility and compassion, a willingness to witness us as individuals/and a group from a non-egoic stance. He offered his expertise/wisdom from a place of inviting us to include it in our experience rather than as a “subject matter expert” that enforces an illusion of authority.

It was a great pleasure to learn from Brad. I have learned much and my life has been enhanced by what he has taught me. I apply the techniques I have learned from him in all areas of my life and predict this experience will have a lasting effect on my overall health, well-being, and professional work.

Brad was open and attentive to student feedback while maintaining class focus on the subject. He made time for the individual needs of students, and was flexible about class structure.

I truly appreciated Brad’s willingness to be flexible and open-minded about group dynamics – his energy worked well with our group!

Thank you again for an incredible class yesterday. You are a magnificent teacher. Your intelligence, eloquence, and passion come through clearly. The way you hold the container and manage people who ask too many questions is artful. I am inspired by the content of the class and even more so by your expression of the connections between generational trauma and social justice. Exploring healing through the understanding of that connection is my passion and why I am in the Social Work program. Hearing you reflect that passion yesterday gives me a tremendous boost of encouragement.  I look forward to the next time I can study with you

Brad is an awesome teacher!  He has such an affinity for the students.  He makes the learning fun.  And the information was impactful.  I will miss this class!