Interpersonal Somatic Psychotherapy: Integrating The Mind, Body and Relationships into Effective Clinical Practice

Ukiah, California
[Training for Mendocino County Youth Project] Date: September 20-22 2012
Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 5:00 pm

Course Description:
As clinicians learn to integrate advances in neuroscience into their daily practice, research makes clear that learning and change are embodied, relational experiences.  Whether it is managing stress, resolving trauma, negotiating conflict, or dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and depression, sub-cortical levels of our brain that regulate body systems must be directly engaged.  Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to learn, grow and re-wire, is supported by somatic experience, as well as the therapeutic alliance, an essential component of any model of psychotherapy, based in right-brain to right-brain interactions.  Informing how clinicians are with their clients through the use of body awareness and other somatic practices, supports the clinicians’ capacity to create an optimal environment for activating the systems of change in an effective, titrated manner.  Integrating Interpersonal Somatic Psychotherapy into traditional approaches to psychotherapy helps broaden clinical practice and improve therapeutic efficiency for best outcomes in treatment.

This training will offer a working model of Interpersonal Somatic Psychotherapy in an easy-to understand and easy-to-apply format, so that clinicians can use the latest advancements in neuroscience to enrich their clinical practice.  There will be special focus on applying this approach in working with at-risk youth and families.  Training will be supported by the use of lecture, group discussion, case studies, simple experiential activities, skill-building and practice, and observing master clinicians work with clients.  The intention is that after the 3-day training, participants are confident in applying the skills of Interpersonal Somatic Psychotherapy into their clinical practice.