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NARM Training Online Webinar #4

NARM Training Online Webinar #4
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Date(s) - Wednesday, January 1, 2020
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Addressing Identity from both a Psychological and Spiritual Perspective

Dr. Laurence Heller with Brad Kammer

* PLEASE NOTE: You are registering for the webinar RECORDING and not the live webinar (which was completed on Dec 8 2017) – by registering here you will receive (within 24-72 hours) a link to the webinar recording, demo session video, and the webinar handouts.

So PLEASE IGNORE the January 1 2020 date listed here (it’s how the system holds the registration page for us)


A key process within the NARM approach is what we refer to as “Disidentification”.   The dissolving of identity, shaped by early trauma and the corresponding adaptive survival styles, is both a psychological and spiritual process.  With our clients, we explore deeply into the nature of their subjective sense of self, using psychological tools for understanding identity from a deeper spiritual perspective.  This supports the possibility that our clients can quiet down the noise of their personality, and meet the world from an increasingly quieter place within themselves.

For us as therapists, the burning question we hold for ourselves: How do we work with clients from an increasingly quieter place within ourselves?  And what might be in our way to experiencing greater states of connection, aliveness, pleasure and freedom?  As we gradually free ourselves from the shackles of our identity, we can learn to be more fully present with our clients/others while staying more fully connected with ourselves.

Some areas we will cover in this webinar:

  • The psychological understanding of identity vs the spiritual understanding of identity
  • Nature of consciousness in the psychotherapeutic process
  • Viewing neurobiological mechanisms from a non-mechanistic perspective
  • Working with the “problem” that’s deeper than the “problem”
  • Supporting Disidentification in the NARM process
  • Mindfulness and Disidentification
  • Living in the present moment vs viewing ourselves and the world through the lens of past experience
  • Identity as a reflection of emptiness-fullness
  • Spirituality and the body
  • Using psychological tools in understanding Self from a deeper spiritual perspective


-Overview of Topic
-NARM Demo Session
-Case Presentations on Clients related to topic
-Q&A / Closure


  • All NARM Training Students will receive credit for 1 hour toward Group Consult from faculty (only available if you attend live) – please fill this in on your NARM session/consultation log and at the next training module Dr. Heller or Brad Kammer will sign it.
  • We ask that you please do not share this webinar with others who have not registered for this webinar.


  • Cost: $100
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