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NARM Training Online Webinar #3

NARM Training Online Webinar #3
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Date(s) - Wednesday, January 1, 2020
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Working with the Hidden Dimensions of Shame & Guilt

Dr. Laurence Heller with Brad Kammer


* PLEASE NOTE: You are registering for the webinar RECORDING and not the live webinar (which was completed on June 8 2018) – by registering here you will receive (within 24-48 hours) a link to the webinar recording, demo session video, and the webinar handouts.  So PLEASE IGNORE the January 1 2020 date listed here (it’s how the system holds the registration page for us)


NARM brings a new perspective to understanding and working with shame and guilt.  Instead of looking at them as emotions that become fixed within us, we understand them as a process, and not a state.  Even more specifically, we recognize the process of shame as a mechanism that ultimately serves to protect the attachment relationship.  And how this ultimately leads to an identity based in toxic shame.

In this webinar, we will be exploring the hidden dimensions of shame and guilt.  One of these dimensions is how so many people narrow their lives in order to avoid the possibility of feeling shame and guilt, and the costs of this self-limiting behavior.  We will also be looking at how to work clinically with complex shame dynamics, even in its very subtle forms, and the disidentification process that can help us broaden and expand our lives.

Some areas we will be covering:

  • Difference between toxic shame/guilt and healthy shame/guilt
  • The nature of shame-based identifications
  • Shame and Guilt as the guardians of the gate of the survival styles
  • Shame and its relationship to the core dilemma
  • Shame as a mechanism that protects the attachment relationship
  • Shame and splitting
  • Looking at shame as a process not a state; as a verb not a noun
  • Guilt, Shame and their relationship to distorted aggression
  • Shame as an internal collapse state
  • Guilt as a defense against helplessness
  • How to recognize Shame in ourselves and clients in its subtler forms
  • How to address Shame and Guilt dynamics in the NARM approach
  • How to help clients experience agency in the Shame & Guilt dynamics they experience


-Overview of Topic / Q&A
-Deconstruct Demo Video
-Case Presentations on Clients related to topic
-Q&A / Closure


  • All NARM Training Students will receive credit for 1 hour toward Group Consult from faculty (only available if you attend live) – please fill this in on your NARM session/consultation log and at the next training module Dr. Heller or Brad Kammer will sign it.
  • We ask that you please do not share this webinar with others who have not registered for this webinar.


  • Cost: $100
  • Only PayPal option available; please do not click on check option below


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