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NARM Training Online Webinar #2

NARM Training Online Webinar #2
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Date(s) - Wednesday, January 1, 2020
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Countertransference & the Traps of Goal-Oriented, Solution-Focused Psychotherapy

Dr. Laurence Heller with Brad Kammer

* PLEASE NOTE: You are registering for the webinar RECORDING and not the live webinar (which was completed on Dec 8 2017) – by registering here you will receive (within 24-72 hours) a link to the webinar recording, demo session video, and the webinar handouts.

So PLEASE IGNORE the January 1 2020 date listed here (it’s how the system holds the registration page for us)


This special online training webinar will focus on working with therapists’ own reactions and states within the therapeutic process.  How do we differentiate between when our own unresolved material is being evoked with clients and when our resonance circuits are picking up information directly from our clients’ experience?  While using our intuitive and resonant qualities is a central aspect of the relational process of NARM, our own unresolved material can become entangled and disrupt effective treatment, as well as create distress and an internal sense of pressure for us as helpers

One of the most common areas we see our unresolved material emerge is in our sense of urgency or identification with making something happen for our clients – whether that is to decrease their distress and symptoms, to validate our sense of accomplishment, or because we’re unsure of what to do so we strive to do something.  From a NARM perspective, it is essential we create the space for a client’s organic process to emerge.  To this end, it is imperative that we gain greater awareness of our (often unconscious) impulses to make something happen for our clients.  This will leave us with a greater sense of ease as helpers, and a greater sense of trust in our clients’ capacity to access their internal healing resources.

To better understand how to use our own experiences effectively in the therapeutic process, we will review the NARM Relational Model for working interpersonally with clients with complex trauma.  We will also review the potential triggers and roadblocks in the way of us being more open, present and curious with our clients.


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