“Only by being inwardly attentive can we learn…where we want to be, what is true for us”

Body-Mind Psychotherapy relies on using mindfulness and body awareness as entry points into exploring one’s whole experience. This talk-based, body-centered approach integrates the body’s experience while developing a greater sense of mindful awareness. The practice of sensing the body and inquiring into our experience invites the inner healing resources that are located within us all.  These resources establish a deeper sense of safety and self-empowerment within.

Incredible new research on the brain, as well as the ancient wisdom of traditional healing approaches, recognize that what hurts us in life primarily affects non-verbal areas of our brain, which means that talk alone cannot help us to feel better. In order to truly heal, we need to access and integrate all levels of the human experience – sensory-motor, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual.

By facilitating dialogue between the mind and body, we develop greater control over our internal processes. Old, dysfunctional patterns are actually re-patterned in our nervous systems. A healthy nervous system means greater resiliency, less symptoms, and opportunities for a new way of being in one’s life.

Research from the exciting field of interpersonal neurobiology also shows us that healing is facilitated by being in relationship with other people.  As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am not only interested in how clients relate to themselves, but also how clients relate to others – and most importantly, how they can deepen and enrich these relationships.  Supporting healthy and fulfilling relationships is at the core of all the work that I do.

My relational approach also uses the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for interpersonal healing.  I join my clients where they are and respect the experiences and wisdom they bring to me.  I strive to be a safe, empathic, and available individual who can become a resource for people in their lives.  Eventually, my goal is for clients to become their own resource having strengthened their resiliency through our work together.  My intention is to create a healing environment for clients to safely explore, and through a process of self-empowerment connect to their greater sense of being alive.